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Numbers in Spanish
Spanish Lesson:
Below each translated phrase is a sound bar.
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4. Numbers

one <> uno
two <> dos
three <> tres
four <> cuatro
five <> cinco
six <> seis
seven <> siete
eight <> ocho
nine <> nueve
ten <> diez
eleven <> once
twelve <> dose
thirteen <> trese
fourteen <> catorse
fifteen <> quince
sixteen <> dieciséis
seventeen <>diecisiete
eighteen <> dieciocho
nineteen <>diecinueve
twenty <> veinte

I need twenty minutes more.
Necesito veinte minutos mas.

twenty one <> Veintiuno
twenty two <> veintidos
twenty three <> veintitrés
twenty four <> veinticuatro
twenty five <> veinticinco
twenty six <> veintiséis
twenty seven <> veintisiete
twenty eight <> veintiocho
twentiy nine <> veintinueve

Here we will count with tens. <> Aquí vamos a contar con diezes.

ten <> dies
twenty <> veinte
thirty <> treinta

Begining with 30 (thirty), instead of joining the words with the letter i, we will use the letter y, seperating thirty, with the numbers that follow.
For instance:
"treinta y uno".

forty <> cuarenta
fifty <> cinquenta
sixty <> sesenta
seventy <> setenta
eighty <> ochenta
ninty <> noventa
hundred <> cien


dies, veinte, treinta, cuarenta, cinquenta, sesenta, setenta, ochenta, noventa, cien.
One hundred minutes go by fast.   <> Cien minutos pasan pronto.

hundred  <> cien
hundred and one <> ciento y uno
two hundred and one <> dos cientos y uno
three hundred and one <> tres cientos y uno

I told you a thousand times <> Yo te dije mil veses.

thousand <> mill
thousand and one <> mill y uno
two thousand and one <> dos mill y uno
three thousand and one <> tres mil y uno

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